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If your home has been damaged or your claim has been denied we will negotiate with the insurance companies to obtain the maximum claim


No one will ever know the details of your business more than you do. After your company has undergone a significant loss, you need to be on your feet. At this time, you should be focusing on keeping your business functioning, instead of having to deal with your insurance company and trying to learn all the information there are about insurances


After property damage, Oakmont Public Adjusters in our region make sure your insurance company gives you the correct and maximum settlement for your homeowners property insurance claim.


HOA claims can be complex claims to adjust as these claims typically involve a lot more than just a standard evaluation of damages and loss. The communal bylaws, state laws, and exact designation of the property, whether condo association or HOA, have just as much to do with how the damages are assessed and the claim is filed.

Insurance Claim Services

Water Damage Claims

Storm and water damage are some of the most common insurance claims in South Florida. Let the experts at at Oakmont Public Adjusting undertake and interpret your insurance policy for the  success of your settlement. 

Fire Damage Claims

Anything damaged by fire is covered by the insurer as long as the damages don’t exceed the policy limits. Additional living expenses are also calculated for the time it’s going to take the insured to get back into their house. This is an incurred cost.


Storm Damage Claims

Powerful winds from hurricanes and tornadoes can level your home. Make sure your insurance policy covers you in your time of need. If calamity strikes, we can help you get a maximum settlement.

Underpaid Claims

In the event of property destruction, don’t settle for an
insufficient claim.  Oakmont Adjusters can  help you even if  your insurance company low-balled you on your insurance settlement offer, it may not be too late, let us help you. 

Mold Damage Claims

Oakmont Public Adjusters understand how devastating and threatening mold exposure can really be. It can truly turn your life upside-down. Let us help you through this overwhelming time. We’ll get you back on track to normalcy, no matter the obstacle you face.

Roof Damage Claims

Finding out your roof needs to be repaired or replaced can be troubling for many homeowners. Rely on Oakmont Public Adjusters to make sure you get compensated for all covered damages whenever there is roof damage in your home or business.

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Commercial Damage Claims

Commercial buildings such as condominiums, schools, hotels, and medical facilities can suffer damages, don’t worry we have our adjusters on your side.

Residential Damage Claims

When your home is lost in a fire or suffers hurricane, or water damage, it may be one of the worst days of your life. We understand that your focus is on protecting your family and property.  Let Oakmont Public adjusters bring you a peace of mind public adjusters by preparing and presenting the property damage claim in detail and negotiate on your behalf for the full, fair and correct claim settlement

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