Fire Damage Claims

Public Adjusters For Fire Damage

If fire damages your home, the insurance claim process can be one of the most severe and long types of property loss to sift through. While it may seem like the most straightforward way go with your insurance company’s claims adjuster recommendation, doing so usually leads to a delayed settlement, underpaid settlements, and insufficient options for repairs to your property. Many homeowners willingly accept what the insurance company tells them, even though they are not experienced, and/or knowledgeable in all the steps, terms, and jargon that are used in the insurance industry.

Why Use a Public Adjuster For Your Fire or Smoke Damage Claims?

Under these types of claims, you the insured are entitled to many compensations/recovery monies from your insurance company under your policy. In Florida, like everywhere else, the claims process is extremely complex and this makes your insurance company uncomfortable because with the right public adjuster, they are aware of that. Without the use of a public insurance claims adjuster, you will leave out many details in your recovery, big or small, that will tremendously hurt the recovery of your claim and what you are entitled to. After smoke and fire damage has occurred to your property, every home owner MUST use the services of a public adjuster.

Please know that for any property owner who has suffered smoke/fire damage, are required to hire the services of a professional restoration company to handle your smoke/fire damage clean up. Furthermore, you must protect your property by boarding up any open exposed areas.

How A Public Adjuster Can Help You With Fire Damage Claims

If your fire damage insurance claim is denied, your public adjuster can help with that, too. We can assign an independent investigator to look into your damages. Once the investigator proves you’re not at fault for the fire, your public adjuster can make sure an appeal is filed appropriately, and continue to negotiate with the insurance company until your fire damage claim is settled.

Tips for Filing Fire Damage Insurance Claim

Homeowners filing a fire damage insurance claim should document damages, this includes:

  • Taking pictures of all the damages
  • Written description all the damages
  • Date of the damage
  • Type of loss
  • Condition of home
  • Location
  • Specify any injuries
  • Contact authorities if necessary
  • Mitigate the damages on your property
  • Don’t throw anything out or clean anything up until the public adjuster investigates the damage
  • Keep all the documents just in case there’s a dispute to settle later in the process

Prevention of Fire/Fire Damage

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