Storm Damage Claims

Storm Damage & Hurricane Public Adjusters

Natural disasters can turn our lives upside down, and as homeowners that spells impending property losses. These detriments sometimes amount to thousands or even millions of dollars. A public adjuster for hurricane and wind damage can be there to advocate for you and your property to reclaim the funds you need to fix, repair and replace damages in your home.

When is a Storm Damage Public Adjuster Needed?

With Florida’s tropical climate and proximity to the water, South Florida is no stranger to severe weather. The most dangerous natural threat to a homeowner is a hurricane. A single hurricane can cause thousands of dollars in damages while posing a physical danger to you and your family. Such threats include water, electricity, and wind. Are you covered? Whether you have an existing hurricane damage claim or are preparing for this upcoming hurricane season, it is important to get in contact with a Florida public adjuster that can offer a clear understanding of your insurance. Our team of licensed adjusters offers a free claim analysis (completely in-house) and a partnership with a dedicated claim representative.

Advantages of using a storm damage public adjusters:

A storm damage adjuster will significantly diminish the time you spend dealing with claim-associated issues. Their expertise allows them to educate you on how policies are enforced and what that means for your settlement. Moreover, your adjuster will guide you on proper protocol for repairs and documenting expenses, even if your claim is denied.

Enlisting the help of a professional adjuster generally produces a faster resolution. Their prowess averts the repeated request for additional information. As a result, the process is hastened so that you can begin your renovations as soon as possible.

How Will A Storm Damage Public Help Me?

A public adjuster allows you to get your life back to normal as they handle your property claim.

  • We analyze your policy to attain the utmost claim coverage. This process involves an inspection to assess property ruin followed by estimation of the losses with a computerized system.
  • We will then notify your provider company of those losses and supply the proper documentation.
  • Set every appointment with your carrier’s staff. 
  • Set up a conference call with your insurance company to establish precursory estimates of damages in the event of a home or commercial building claim.

You do not have to worry about going back and forth because we negotiate with the protection company as well as a just settlement for you. We make the process easier by compiling all the documents you need to receive your funds. If you need any reconstruction services, we will likewise provide a list of reputable professionals to ensure your properties regain their esteemed appearances.


How To Select The Best Adjuster For Hurricane or Storm Damage?

How should I select an adjuster for hurricane damage?

The adjuster you select should have considerable experience. Look for someone who is a member of either the Windstorm Insurance Network (WIND) or the United Policyholders of America. These organizations maintain strict ethical provisions for members. Plus, you can access online directories listing all their members

Your adjuster should be law-abiding as well. While you can contact a professional adjuster as soon as you want, they should not contact you, a residential property owner, until 48 hours after the loss. Another thing to look out for is an adjuster who extends promises before they thoroughly review your policy and losses.

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